About me 

My Story

Hi, I’m Kerry an English teacher from Ireland. I’m passionate about the English language and language learning in general. I want to help you grow and improve your English language skills by creating engaging, helpful and authentic content right here on this blog. 

My journey teaching English began after attaining my degree in English & Politics at Queen’s University Belfast. From then, I’ve taught a range of students in three different countries and what I’ve noticed above all was that my students were sick of studying for exams, sick of memorizing the same grammar rules endlessly, fed up with never progressing in English, tired of being afraid to speak and hold a conversation with a native…

I want to show you that speaking English with confidence is possible and that learning can actually be fun. I want to create a community here where we can all exchange and communicate in a thoughtful, organic way. 

I’m passionate not only about sharing my language with you, but also my culture and the insights I’ve gained into language learning (through teaching a language and also by learning two languages myself). 

Language isn’t just grammar rules, it isn’t  endless memorizing, it isn’t “fill-in-the-blanks” school exercises. It’s communication, it’s relationships, it’s friendship and it’s culture. 

Let’s do this! 






My Teaching Philosophy 


Authentic language, not what they teach you in schools

Personalization over Standarization


Encouraging debates, discussions and conversations NOT worksheets

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