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About Clover English Podcast

The Clover English podcast is my baby. I started it because through countless conversations with my students I realized that people were genuinely interested in Irish culture. It was a way through which me and my students really connected, it helped them associate speaking English with more than just grammar and textbooks. 

I’m passionate about my country’s rich heritage and what’s going on in that little emerald isle. I want to share that passion with my listeners while also boosting their English skills. 

Each episode on Irish culture comes with a PDF guide with the transcript, extra vocabulary and grammar explanations. I provide these because I know how valuable they are to people who want to improve their English. It’s a method I’ve used in my own language learning and it has stood by me. A lot of hard work and love goes into creating this podcast and the PDF guides, I hope you all enjoy and benefit from it. 


Kerry Campion de Santiago

Kerry Campion de Santiago


Be a Guest! 

If you’re an English teacher, a language learning blogger or doing something incredible in Ireland get in touch about becoming a guest on the show. 

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What’s the difference Between Irish and British English?

You may have wondered what the difference is between Irish and British English and the answer is Hiberno-English. Hiberno-English is a term used to refer to the English spoken in Ireland which has been highly influenced by the Irish language. Many people forget that...

Dublin Expat Life: Interview with Maria Ortega

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live that Dublin expat life? To move to Ireland's booming capital and start a new life? Well, that's what María Ortega did and I'm chatting with her today. María first moved to Cork, a city in the West of Ireland, and...

I answer YOUR Questions about Ireland and English

It's the final episode of season one of the Clover English podcast! And because of that I decided to do a special question and answer episode. All of the questions that I answer today were sent to me on my instagram account (follow me by clicking on the link below)....

Top Irish Slang: Learn English by Podcast

What’s the craic everyone? In today’s episode of the Clover English Podcast I’ll be giving you some top Irish slang which you can use on your trip to Ireland. Slang is informal language that people use in all sorts of contexts and it is full of cultural context and...

“An Irishness to be Proud of”: Getting to know Ireland’s President.

Michael D Higgins has served as Ireland's ninth President since November 2011. Coming from humble roots, he rose from being "poor white trash" to a university professor, poet and is now President of Ireland. In this week's episode of the Clover English podcast you'll...

Irish or British? We need to talk about Northern Ireland…

In this week's episode I'll be talking about the controversial topic of nationality in relation to Northern Ireland. As someone from Belfast, this is something that I get asked about A LOT so I thought I'd use this episode as a way to help explain the situation. It's...

“Take me to Church” The Story Behind the Song

I can't believe this is the 10th episode of the Clover English podcast! Today I'll be speaking about the story behind Irish musician Hozier's hit single "Take me to Church" which was released back in 2013. Hozier has gone from a struggling musician recording songs...

Authentic Conversation with Eoin Ó Conchúir |Clover English Podcast

Welcome back everyone! This is a special episode of the Clover English Podcast because this week I'm in conversation with Éoin from Bitesize Irish Gaelic . In the last couple of episodes I've been exploring the Irish language and its development both in the Republic...

The Irish Language Part 2 | Clover English Podcast

Welcome back to part 2 of The Irish Language! In this episode, I'll be picking up where I left off in Part One. We'll look at the Irish language's development in the 20th century and how it's used today in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Don't...

Halloween Special: Dracula’s Irish Roots

Happy Halloween! Today's episode is a Halloween special about the Irish roots of the world's most famous vampire novel: Dracula. We'll be learning about how events in Ireland and Irish folklore helped inspire this great work of Gothic fiction. Make sure to download...

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