Happy Halloween! Today’s episode is a Halloween special about the Irish roots of the world’s most famous vampire novel: Dracula. We’ll be learning about how events in Ireland and Irish folklore helped inspire this great work of Gothic fiction. Make sure to download the PDF guide!

Remember these won’t be free forever so make sure to take advantage while you can. They include:

  • The Transcript
  • Vocabulary Explanations
  • Grammar Explanations

This week’s grammar explanation is about useful negative constructions in English. For example, negative structures for sounding more polite, showing surprise and using rhetorical questions.

I’ve also decided to include an idiom with each episode, I’ll go over this week’s idiom at the end of the episode.

Unfortunately I have a cold so I’m a bit stuffed up and my throat hurts, so you might notice that my voice is a little hoarse in this week’s podcast episode.

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Photo by Leonardo Yip on Unsplash

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