In this week’s episode I’ll be talking about the controversial topic of nationality in relation to Northern Ireland. As someone from Belfast, this is something that I get asked about A LOT so I thought I’d use this episode as a way to help explain the situation.

It’s bit more personal than other episodes as I explain why I went from identifying as British to Irish as I got older. However, I feel that it’s important to recognize that while I feel more Irish than British, there is no doubt that I’ve also been strongly influenced by British culture. In my opinion I feel that us Northern Ireland folk are not just one or the other, instead we have our own unique identity that we should celebrate.

If you listen to the episode (and I highly recommend that you do of course!) you’ll learn:

  • How Northern Ireland is different from the Republic of Ireland
  • Why people from Northern Ireland have both British and Irish citizenship
  • Why questions of national identity are so important in Northern Ireland
  • How Northern Ireland is changing and developing with regards to this issue

Not only that, but if you download the PDF guide that comes with this episode you’ll get:

  • The full transcript of the episode
  • Vocabulary Explanations
  • An extra article: “Time for Irish Unity?”
  • Grammar Help: Connectors/discourse markers

So I think you’ll DEFINITELY want to check that out!

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