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Understand the Irish

Do you want to make the most out of your trip to Ireland?

Quieres aprovechar tu viaje a Irlanda?

Then learn about our rich culture and how to speak like us!

Entonces hay que conocer nuestra cultura y aprender a hablar cómo nosotros!

Why take this masterclass?

Does the thought of getting into conversation with the locals fill you with fear?


Do you worry that you won’t understand them? That the English you know won’t be enough?


Then this masterclass is for YOU. In this free class I cover all aspects of Irish English and also some super important cultural insights that will make your trip to Ireland AMAZING.


Not only that but you’ll feel much more confident about understanding the locals, meaning you’ll be more likely to converse with them and enjoy your trip more.

I cover:

  • Essentials of the Irish accent
  • Unique grammatical features of Irish English
  • Slang and vocabulary that nobody will have taught you at school
  • Must-know cultural facts like…
    • How to order properly in a pub (you will NEVER hear us order ‘a glass of beer’) 
    • What traditional food you can try
    • Our rich oral tradition and how it’s affected our character

Join me and unlock the secrets to fluent communication while in Ireland.


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