What’s the craic everyone? In today’s episode of the Clover English Podcast I’ll be giving you some top Irish slang which you can use on your trip to Ireland. Slang is informal language that people use in all sorts of contexts and it is full of cultural context and meaning. I’ve done a couple of blog posts on this topic because if there’s one thing that’s unique and wonderful about the Irish it’s how we use language.

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So what will you learn in today’s episode?

  • Super important slang words and expressions that we use in Ireland
  • The difference between fun and funny
  • Why Irish-English uses more reflexive pronouns than other types of English

And as always remember to download the PDF guide which comes complete with:

  • Full show transcript
  • Vocabulary Explanations
  • An extra article: The Legend of Finn McCool (Northern Irish folktale)
  • Grammar Explanation: Separable and non-separable phrasal verbs

I know a lot of you struggle with phrasal verbs and knowing which ones you can separate and which ones you can’t will help you a lot! PS the PDF guide will look a little different this week but don’t worry it’s still the same great content 😉

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Photo by Donovan Grabowski on Unsplash

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