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We all know that junk food can have adverse effects on our health. Junk food is a synonym for unhealthy food, such as fried food, chocolate and fizzy drinks among others. It can lead to obesity, diabetes, acne and heart problems, but did you know it can also result in blindness?

A UK teen went blind last week due to his extremely restricted diet of crisps, chips and occasional slices of processed ham. The teenager was much more than a picky eater. The boy was diagnosed with Avoidant/ Restrictive Food Intake Disorder back in 2013, which means he has an aversion to many foods, meaning his diet was extremely limited.

Analysis revealed that the boy had vitamin and mineral deficiencies including: vitamin B12, vitamin D, copper and selenium. One of the doctors commented;

“He had lost minerals from his bone, which was really quite shocking for a boy his age.”

The boy is not completely blind, but has significant blind spots in the middle of his vision which will make it extremely difficult for him to read or watch TV and impossible to drive a car.

Food for Thought…

This day and age it’s getting harder to commit to having a healthy, balanced diet. We work more, we commute more and with the proliferation of ready-meals and takeaways we cook less and less.

How do you try and maintain a healthy, balanced diet? How often do you have take-aways or ready-meals? Let me know in the comments or via Twitter!



Junk food: unhealthy food

Adverse: unwanted, bad effects

Fizzy Drinks: like coca-cola, fanta, sprite…

Lead to/ Result in: ways to express a result

Go Blind: become blind. We also use the transitive verb “go” with other adjectives like crazy: “I’m going to go crazy if you don’t start listening to me!”

Picky Eater: someone who only likes a limited number of foods. We can also say “fussy eater”

Aversion: if we have an aversion to something it disgusts us in some way and we can’t tolerate it.

Food for Thought: an English expression meaning something to think about

Ready Meals: pre-prepared meals that you normally heat-up in the microwave.

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