We have being hearing about the coronavirus constantly in the news. So much so that I actually had serious doubts about whether or not to release this podcast episode. Many of you had asked me about the situation in Ireland, so I decided to do this episode.

I would like to stress that this information, which I found on 13.03.20 is from the news source The Irish Times and I’ve linked to the articles that I used below. I believe this to be a reliable news source and I trust them. Please remember that I am not trying to act like an expert on this issue and I’m not here to give medical advice.

So, what will you learn from today’s episode?

  • Essential vocabulary related to the coronavirus outbreak
  • What measures Ireland is taking to handle the situation
  • Calming reassurance from a doctor (whose message I quote at the end) explaining that this situation will come to an end and how we shouldn’t panic

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Sources Used:

Travel restrictions on those returning from Spain and Italy:


Italy is exactly 14 days behind Italy https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/ireland-is-exactly-14-days-behind-italy-in-terms-of-coronavirus-cases-1.4202013

Coronavirus Restrictions could remain in place for months https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/coronavirus-restrictions-could-remain-in-force-for-months-doctors-warn-1.4201600

I also quoted a doctor at the end of the show, this was from an internal message passed in Renault from one of their doctors, if you’d like more information on this send me an email.

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