You may have wondered what the difference is between Irish and British English and the answer is Hiberno-English. Hiberno-English is a term used to refer to the English spoken in Ireland which has been highly influenced by the Irish language. Many people forget that Irish was the language spoken in Ireland before the invasion of the British. English came to us during the British colonization of Ireland and eventually gained dominance at the expense of the Irish language. However, the Irish language left a lasting impact on how we speak English and this led to the evolution of what’s known as Hiberno-English.

In this episode I cover some of the key aspects of Hiberno-English, the stuff you’ll need to really understand the Irish and our unique way of speaking. For example, here are some grammatical structures that we only use in Ireland along with certain words and phrases that you won’t find in other places like Great Britain.

However, this isn’t to say that the English spoken in Ireland is totally different to that spoken in other English-speaking countries. It simply means that there are very specific features found in our English due mostly to the influence of the Irish language in our English.

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So, if you’ve always been curious about the main differences between Irish and British English, then this podcast is essential for you! In this episode you’ll learn;

  • Key grammatical structures that are only used in Hiberno-English
  • Phrases and expressions that we regularly use
  • What features from the Irish language have affected Irish English

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